Make Sure the Numbers Add Up

Conduct an internal general liability audit in Norcross or Canton, GA

As your business grows, it's easy for financial details to get lost. You might have heard horror stories about CEOs that were unaware fraud or mismanagement was happening right under their noses. By hiring an experienced accountant to conduct a general liability audit, you can root out any problems before they get worse.

A&E Accounting Tax Service has 25 years of industry experience. When we conduct your general liability audit, you can expect us to...

  • Analyze your financial statements
  • Spot and address potential liability issues
  • Find ways to cut costs and improve efficiency

You might not have anything to worry about. However, it's a good idea to audit your company from time to time.

Call 770- 704-9906 now to schedule an audit in Canton or Norcross, GA.

Need to conduct an external audit?

You won't regret hiring a CPA at A&E Accounting Tax Service. Our accountants have extensive experience conducting audits. In fact, founder Edgardo L. Torres was a senior auditor before starting A&E Accounting Tax Service.

If you need to conduct a workers' compensation audit in Norcross or Canton, GA, rely on us. We provide...

  • Discounts and referral bonuses
  • Free quotes and affordable pricing
  • Online workers' compensation audit scheduling

In addition to conducting audits, we also provide audit representation. Contact us today to learn more.