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It might be relatively simple to follow your own individual finances from day to day, but a business has multiple avenues and accounts to keep track of. Owning a business is hard enough without the extra responsibilities of handling your own bookkeeping. Let an experienced, local accountant keep track of your finances in the Canton and Norcross, GA areas.

A&E Accounting Tax Service has over 25 years of experience providing clients with financial peace of mind. Call 770- 704-9906 today to gain confidence in your daily bookkeeping.

We'll handle every aspect of professional bookkeeping services

We'll handle every aspect of professional bookkeeping services

At A&E Accounting Tax Service, we record every financial record with secure and transparent bookkeeping services. Our duties include:

  • Entering financial transactions into appropriate software
  • Recording cash, checks and vouchers
  • Assigning costs and income to the appropriate accounts
  • Producing reports, income statements and totals
  • Checking for accuracy in figures
  • Reconciling or reporting any differences for review

Accurate bookkeeping can give you a wider picture of your financial successes and failures, resulting in targeted business changes and decisions. Contact us today to hire an experienced CPA in Norcross and Canton, GA.